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We eradicate all tree diseases in your trees and better their health.

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Arbor Care In Haltom City

At Brown’s Tree Service company we are experts in verifying and eradicating tree disease. We have the latest and advanced treatments and procedures that will enable us to produce the correct results for your sick trees in Haltom City now. When it comes to your trees it is vitally important to maintain the proper tree health. Understanding that there are many common tree diseases in the North Texas region that spread specifically in our sector. We have worked together with homeowners to combat that and make absolutely sure that your sick trees get evaluated and overlooked.

Few common tree diseases: 
Any Sudden Changes 

Sudden Changes

Maintaining your trees health is crucial and very vital to your properties. Trees are like humans at times they need proper attention and care to lead them to the right direction. Brown’s Tree Service are specialist and prioritize helping local homeowners with their sick trees is what we do best. We treat all bacterial, fungus, and any other tree disease categorization that is related. We eliminate those problematic concerns for your and resolve them so that those tree disease can be eradicated.



photo of moss on the tree bark

In the North Texas region, there are many different types of fungus diseases that infiltrate your healthy trees or trees that may have been sick already. Common diseases that we see: anthracnose, bacterial leaf scorch, and  tubakia leaf spots. We come across these diseases on a constant basis with our clients. We have the right treatments and procedures to get you the right results and what is most recommended for your specific circumstance.



Root Rot

illness in tree caused by too much watering

Root rot is quite common for many reasons being, at times we have thunderstorms and showers that fill our aquifers overload the soil and the saturation of the roots. Causing the roots to be overwhelmed with too much water and making the inside rot from the overuse of water. Believe or not that is a true problem we encounter every day. Once the process of the root rot begins there is no way of gaining a healthy tree back. Important to understand too much water can cause your tree to die sooner. Great arbor care = good tree health.


Bug Infestations

Firefighter bugs on tree barkInfestations of bugs happen all the time with homeowners here in the Haltom City area. From sap eating beetles to ants. All these problems are all caused by a weak vascular system that causes the tree not being able to battle the bugs. There are several bugs that are common in this area: beetles, ants, aphids, whiteflies, and many others that we see.

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